Bercoor 24 rainbow silicone bracelet aperture, activity gift solid color snap bracelet soft and safe, suitable for party decoration gifts

Short Description:

24 pieces. Each bracelet measures 8.5 inches (about 21.6 cm). Average size. 12 colors: white, yellow, red, purple, green, black, gray, orange, sky blue, rose, pink and dark blue. Made of soft and flexible silicone, it won’t irritate the skin or anything else. Just tap the bracelet on the wrist to form a comfortable grip according to the size of the wrist. Suitable for everyone, any occasion, such as karaoke night, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, birthday gifts, school classroom game awards, etc. Interesting classic toys, suitable for all ages. You can stack, collect, exchange, trade at will, or wear it on any body part to create a party style at festivals or carnivals.

Product Detail

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